If you’d like to try an alternative to classic porcelain, then Tonda is the perfect complement to your home.

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+ - we are

Viapot produces nature friendly recyclable products by combining pottery, the most ancient handcraft in history, with advanced technology. Viapot, established with the increased awareness of our responsibility for the environment and future generations due to the climate changes in the world, aims to meet the needs of consumers by designing environmentally friendly, renewable, healthy and qualified red soil products.

+ - our technology

With 10 years of knowledge and experience in the sector, naturefriendly production takes place in our factory equipped with advanced technology in Bursa with a closed area of 15.000 m2. Viapot is in a leading position in the sector in terms of production volume with its production facilities located in Bursa and hasa fully integrated production facility consisting of raw material, production and marketing departments. It sets a new standard in terms of quality and economy by making a modern touch to the traces of the past with its products manufactured in fully automatic machines and in 1280 degree ovens.

+ - our naturalness

In this process, Viapot designs soil in nature aesthetically and turns it into quality and healthy products and offers thoseproducts to its customers andcarries out its R&D studies in order to gain its place both in the domestic and world market with its economical and healthy products. Within the framework of the quality standard set by Viapot, all the control stages of the production and R&D studies are carried out in our own factory laboratory, whereas migration, coliform, heavy metal and durability tests are regularly performed by third-party laboratories.

Vision And Mission


Our vision is to become the most known brand in the world and Turkey.


Our mission is to produce high qualified naturefriendly products by adopting environmentally friendly green (ecological) production, which has a wide importance all over the world, and to meet consumer needs by transforming the use of pottery products in daily life into a lifestyle.

Quality Certificates

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