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Quality and Food Safety

Viapot integrates superior quality in production and service with an affordable price policy with an approach based on customer satisfaction and food safety with the aim of being a reliable brand in the pottery industry.

We improve product quality and compliance with food safety and increase the professional knowledge and skill level of our employees through training by closely following the developments in the sector.

Our primary golas are compliance with legal regulations and customer requirements and providing the necessary resources.

We ensure 100% food safety and contribute to the protection of the environment in all production processes by identifying food hazards and critical control points.

We have adopted the principle of achieving together with employees, thus, we increase the competencies of our employees by supporting their development, ensure that they take initiative and create a safe working environment for them.

It is our quality and food safety policy to be a model business with the principle of continuous improvement by measuring the effectiveness of our management system in accordance with the requirements of the Quality and Food Safety Management System.

Ceramic Glaze

Glaze ceramic is a glassy layer that completely covers the soil product and cools down after the heat treatment and bonds to the product chemically and physically. Glaze adds not only visually aesthetic but also hygienic and easily cleaning features to our products.

It is the most basic quality that must be in food-safe used ceramics. Therefore, the raw materials of the ceramic glaze we use in our products are provided completely convenient with food contact.

It has been proved that lead and cadmium are not found in the tests conducted in various laboratory environments with the evaluation limit of the Turkish Food Codex.

“Safe For Food Containers” phrase is valid on our glased products.

Glaze for our products is produced from 100% organic substances in nature. There is no harm to health.

As Viapot, we continue to offer what we take from nature to your modern life.

We are proud to offer your kitchen environmentally friendly colors and models by mixing %100 high-quality and natural Anatolian clay and kaolin with water and maturing it in fire. There are no harmful substances for human health and the environment in the secrets and raw materials of our products. We give back to nature what we take from it.

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