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Viapot | Türkiye'nin Lider Toprak Çömlek Üreticisi

Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor ViaPot Visit

Mustafakemalpaşa Mayor Mehmet Kanar visited VIAPOT Factory operating in Mustafakemalpaşa Organized Industrial Zone. Kanar, who toured the production area and received information from the factory management, shared on his social media account about the visit: “I visited Viapot Company, which produces nature-friendly products by combining pottery, one of the oldest handicrafts in history, with technology. It was exciting to witness the adventure of the land in the company of Deputy General Manager Zeki Acar. I congratulate the General Manager of the company, Orhan Eraslan, and Viapot employees, who add value to the local and national economy.” said.

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